Solo Nav … Getting Lost!

First solo nav … eeeek! Up to Westcott, turn south west to Membury and back to White Waltham …. how hard can it be?!

photo-22-09-2016-18-48-56I managed to get a little lost … at the time I should have been overhead Westcott I couldn’t see it, I knew there were solar pannels and I could see some off to the left so I headed from them. I was just overhead and turning when Benson called me to say I was close to a danger area! I said I was just turning over Westcott … they infomed me Westcott was 8 miles behind me!! Ooops,

I flew south to Oxford and asked BensonĀ iphoto-22-09-2016-18-32-41f they could confim I was indeed over Oxford which they did. The rest of the flight went as expected.

My instructor said that was actually a good learning lesson so I’m happy with how it worked out



The aircraft I was on has a ADS-B transponder so I looked up the flight path after! As you can see, I got to Westcott, saw the solar panels off to the left and headed towards them! Once I knoew my mistake I headed 180 to get back on track over Oxford. The little “jig” at Membury was because there was bright sun and I wanted to confirm my location with the sun behind me. Interestingly my altitude went to pot while I was trying to confirm location so need to keep a better check on that.



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