Rejoins today, airfield out to November (Henley), Whisky (Reading) and Sierra (J10 M4) …. just about managed┬áto find the way back ….

Report at point [xxx] request join information

FLA … Fuel pump / Landing Lights / Altitude, set QFE and cruise descent to 1300 over the airfield.

Plan the join next …. For a right hand circuit keep the runway to the right, for a left hand circuit keep the runway to the left. Then circle right or left depending on circuit around the runway, once you pass over the numbers for the runway you are landing on you are then “deadside” and can descend to circuit height (800ft at White Waltham, lower than “normal” due to Heathrow airspace. Then as you pass over the other end out to mid downwind, make downwind call nice and early looking for traffic already in the pattern and BUMFICHHL


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