PFL – Practice Forced Landings

After 2 months of not leaving the circuit it feels strange to fly away from the airfield for once!!

PFL (Practice Forced Landing)
On engine failure pitch for best glide speed, trim … positive control can gain 50ft altitude
Wind – Look around for a field and plan approach into wind … if there are no wind clues then use the runway heading you took off from
Obstacles – Check for, eg masts, pylons, cables etc
Size, Shape, Surface, Slope
Pick High Key point for 1500ft approx inline with the far end of the field
Pick a Low Key point for 1000ft approx landing end of the field
Aim 1/3 into field
Restart Checks, left to right
Switch fuel tank
Check Mags
Throttle open
Mixtur rich
carb heat on
fuel pump on
Mayday, Mayday, Maday, G-BZIO, PA28, engine failure, forced landing in a field 5 miles west of Reading
Consider flaps at low key point
Brief Passengers
Harness Tight
Door Unlatched
Keep point on “runway” staic in window
Drag flap to bring landing point towards you

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